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everything for an HR brand
you need a well-developed HR branding, if
HR is devoted to solving routine tasks all the time
time-consuming adaptation of newcomers
Complex processes of approving business trips and vacations
in the company
a complex organizational structure
the search for contacts of colleagues takes a lot of time
a large volume of document
flow a long search for the necessary document or its current version. Documents are lost
it is difficult to develop and retain personnel
incomprehensible effect of the conducted training programs. The feedback collection system is not built
well-developed HR branding solves many problems
development of
and vertical communications
informing about the company's news and plans

organization of working groups

communication with remote employees

team building
motivational programs

bank of ideas for company development

polls, votes, ratings

photo and video gallery
training and professional growth
corporate training programs

library of training materials

preservation of expertise and exchange of experience
quick adaptation of a beginner
personal account

processes and rules of the organization

guide to using corporate systems

birthdays of colleagues
general corporate information
organizational structure

phone directory

employee seating plan

booking meeting rooms
electronic library
corporate document templates

marketing materials

knowledge base

statutory documents of the company
make the brand stronger
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checklist for the perfect HR brand
1 a well-developed
internal corporate
brand platform
a clear formulation of measurable business goals, marketing and communication goals.
2 development of
corporate culture
let's talk about you, about the product. We will identify the principles and values of the company, strengths/weaknesses of the company and the product in the format of meetings.
3 the identity of the
HR brand and internal
divisions of the companies
4 creation from scratch and publication of corporate press
offline and online
experience: Kiwi Magazine, Swallow, Paper News, Far Eastern Shipyards
saf Neva, the Government of Moscow, HeadHunter)
"packaging" of the company's internal products (All three Severstal projects, a Heart for SAF)
6 employer's website
7 branding of
corporate events
choosing one working hypothesis.
8 creative souvenirs and merch companies
congratulations, your product is ready!
9 support and development
the final description of the brand positioning and the terms of reference for the subsequent stages.
description of the tools for measuring indicators for evaluating the achievement of goals.
5 corporate portals

corporate information portal

corporate social networks

employee training and development portal (LMS)

team building portals for employee dating
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Branding is a complex process consisting of many stages, the composition of which is individual for each situation and each business. When we first meet, we ask a lot of questions and study the situation ourselves in order to offer the necessary and sufficient stack of services, technologies and specialists that are necessary to solve your business problem. In order for us to orient you on the cost of development, you can fill out an electronic brief by the link or call us and we will fill it out with you!
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