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graphic identity.
logo, corporate identity
we will encode the reasons for choosing your unique symbol — logo, create a corporate identity — a graphic world from the meanings of the brand in which you want to live, we will describe the rules and laws of your brand's life in the brandbook.
how does it work?
1 generative
we will select an acceptable tool for generating a graphic image of the brand based on the platform (this may be a metaphor or a direct visualization of the product function).
2 design strategy
we will describe the basic principles of shaping, the applicability of colors and their combinations, the behavior of forms based on the meanings from the brand platform and the selected tools.
3 moodboard
4 design concept
we will develop 2-3 brand design concepts. We will carry out the generation and search for ideas on the kuznet agency methodology — search for solutions and technologies
let's create maps of key brand images, select visual brand ideas based on the intersections of different associative maps.
5 workshop
we present the concepts in the company's office. We will hold a joint workshop. Let's choose a working concept together.
6 corporate graphics in detail
we will reveal the meaning of the brand in corporate graphics, colors, fonts, photo style, we will show how the corporate style works in printing, souvenirs, on the Internet and advertising (key visual).
7 animation
we will prepare a storyboard animation to demonstrate the work of identity in a digital environment.
8 we are making up the guide
of the guideline — the rules of working with identity to create a unique image of a company or product. The image is the same for all media and communication channels and reflects the main meanings of the brand.гайдлайн — правила работы с айдентикой для создания уникального образа компании или продукта. Образ един для всех носителей и каналов коммуникации и отражает основные смыслы бренда.
art director
Project team
marketing strategist
creative director
motion designer
project manager
in order for the client to remember and easily distinguish your company or product from the mass of others, he needs at least a dozen visual contacts with the brand name of the product. Such contacts should not be the same: showing the logo ten times will not bring success. It is this task that the corporate identity solves, which in various form elements represents a single visual idea of the brand — on business cards, letterheads, notebooks, signage and racks. It is not enough to develop an effective corporate identity — it is important to use it competently. To do this, a complete set of rules and recommendations for the use of corporate identity is created with a description of the features of the brand and its essence — a brandbook.
make the brand stronger
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1 associativity
the first association is not always the best, try to go further.
2 interrelation
between the logo and corporate identity does not necessarily have to be graphically directly related to each other, try to maintain a connection in meaning.
3 sense rules!
try to make your graphics rely on the brand platform and make a difference to people.
4 all feelings
think wider than a simple image. Your brand can be encoded by sound, smell and sensations.
5 about quick decisions
do not make quick decisions — go back to the previous options in three days, look at them with a fresh look.
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Branding is a complex process consisting of many stages, the composition of which is individual for each situation and each business. When we first meet, we ask a lot of questions and study the situation ourselves in order to offer the necessary and sufficient stack of services, technologies and specialists that are necessary to solve your business problem. In order for us to orient you on the cost of development, you can fill out an electronic brief by the link or call us and we will fill it out with you!
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