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verbal identity
name, descriptor, slogan
naming is the development of a unique and memorable name for your project or product.

To stand out from the crowd of competitors and attract the attention of the client, it is very important to have a well-constructed naming.
How does it work?
1 linguistic
Based on the brand platform, tone of voice, etc., we will choose methods for generating names.
2 lexico-semantic
field of the
We will generate many associations for key meanings, values, brand images. We will conduct a series of brainstorming sessions on the Kuznets agency methodology.
3 name generation
4 selection of names
We will conduct an express evaluation of the names by scoring (compliance with the platform, technical characteristics, etc.). We will select the TOP 10 for further work.
We will use generative tools and various techniques (linguistic, cultural, etc.). We will generate a primary cloud of names.
5 checking names
We will conduct an initial check based on monitoring on the Internet, selection of first-level domain names, open data on registered trademarks, data in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Let's test the names on the target audience. We will check the remaining names in the database of trademark registration applications.
6 descriptor
Along with the name, we will definitely offer a descriptor — rationally about what you are doing. In combination, the name and the descriptor should give the perfect balance of creativity and specificity: "My name is … I do ..." To be interesting + to be understandable. It is easy to understand, remember, tell.
7 slogans
Based on the brand platform and communication strategy, we will generate 3-5 variants of the slogan that will show the audience a live situation of choice and make this choice obvious.
PR specialist
Project team
Marketing strategist
Creative director
project manager
a name that will be closely related to the essence of the brand, the advantages of the company / product, will inspire confidence. And in conjunction with a rational descriptor and a system of slogans, it will allow you to confidently occupy a niche in the market and in people's memory. For a long time.
make the brand stronger
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1 inconsistency
always check whether the slogans and the name do not contradict the brand platform. The entire communication system should be clear from beginning to end. Any inconsistencies will seriously affect the overall result of the work and will be very expensive.
2 patent
carefully check each title at the patent office.
It is mandatory among the submitted applications, and not only among existing patents, someone could apply for the name you have chosen and, without checking the applications, you will find out about it only in a year when you invest in your brand.
3 brevity
less letters + more meanings. Don't settle for long slogans.
4 ambiguity
the descriptor in conjunction with the name should not leave ambiguities about what you are doing. Otherwise, even those who need you will simply not understand you. Leave games with meanings and emotions to slogans!
5 simplicity
register the name-word and a separate graphic logo. This way you can avoid the cunning moves of competitors or unscrupulous players in the market.
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Branding is a complex process consisting of many stages, the composition of which is individual for each situation and each business. When we first meet, we ask a lot of questions and study the situation ourselves in order to offer the necessary and sufficient stack of services, technologies and specialists that are necessary to solve your business problem. In order for us to orient you on the cost of development, you can fill out an electronic brief by the link or call us and we will fill it out with you!
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