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brand platform
we will find the reasons why people will choose you. over and over again.
How does it work?
1 brand vision
based on analytics and positioning, we will describe the brand vision — we will describe the context and place of the brand in the far planning horizon.
2 mission
based on the vision, we will formulate the brand's mission.
3 core and values
4 brand balance
we will find the perfect brand balance on the map of opposites according to the kuznets brandbalance model
define the core of the business and values. Let's highlight the main triad of values.
5 personality
let's describe the character of the brand in brand personality and tone of voice, define the brand's position in the archetype model and on the scale "keeping traditions — creating innovations".
6 benefits
we will describe the rational and emotional benefits and benefits for the main target audience.
7 reasons to believe
let's formulate the KEI (reasons to believe). Let's write the main brand messages.
8 the final document
we will gather everything into a single structured document — a brand platform.
Description of the tools for measuring indicators for evaluating the achievement of goals.
a document describing the main idea of the brand, working for the marketing and business goals of the company. This idea is easy for the audience to read and interpret, it directs people's choice in favor of the brand, proving the correctness of the choice over and over again.
PR specialist
Project team
marketing strategist
project manager
Creative director
make the brand stronger
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1 sufficiency of data
do not agree to create a brand message, values, mission without sufficient marketing data and analytics based on them. Without them, the brand's platform will be just a beautiful fairy tale.
2 hypothesis testing
test marketing hypotheses with research. This is cheaper than investing in the development of all subsequent communication materials based on an inaccurate hypothesis and learning about it already in the fields.
3 who is your audience?
always remember who your audience is, check with their insights and behavior, and not with yours and your colleagues (unless, of course, you yourself belong to the CA).
4 depth
do not limit yourself to an external audit of the company. get to know her from the inside. Conduct a personal interview with the top officials of the company. try to get first-hand information about what they invest in their business at the level of beliefs and values.
5 simplicity
the result of communication should sound as clear and simple as possible. Simplify.
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Branding is a complex process consisting of many stages, the composition of which is individual for each situation and each business. When we first meet, we ask a lot of questions and study the situation ourselves in order to offer the necessary and sufficient stack of services, technologies and specialists that are necessary to solve your business problem. In order for us to orient you on the cost of development, you can fill out an electronic brief by the link or call us and we will fill it out with you!
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