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research and analytics
it is not enough for us to know who are the consumers of your product or the customers of your company. It is important for us to understand how these people live, what they think about, what they care about. We need to know them the same way we know our friends and loved ones. This will provide us with an accurate hit when forming the mood, style, message, brand arguments.
How does it works?
1 research and
clear formulation of measurable business goals, marketing and communication goals.
2 company / product
let's talk about you, about the product. We will identify the principles and values of the company, strengths/weaknesses of the company and the product in the format of meetings.
3 competitors
4 trends
let's collect the main trends in the world, in related markets, in the industry and more local trends that matter.
Let's look at the neighbors in the market, talk to them, try what they offer. We will collect data on competitors, their sales policy, and advertising activity. We will conduct monitoring on the Internet.
5 analysis
we will structure and analyze all the data, collect it into a document. Let's make a succinct conclusion and formulate 1-2 hypotheses of brand positioning based on the unique advantages of the company that meet the needs of the audience, both current and developing in the future, according to trends.
6 hypothesis testing
selecting one working hypothesis.
7 positioning and Technical Task
congratulations, your product is ready!
8 support and development
the final description of the brand positioning and the terms of reference for the subsequent stages.
description of the tools for measuring indicators for evaluating the achievement of goals.
команда проекта
креативный директор
project team
marketing strategist
старший аналитик
менеджер проекта
a document with analytics and a succinct conclusion, 1-2 hypotheses of brand positioning. Selected working hypothesis and technical task for further brand development. So that the entire creative part is focused on solving the business problem.
make the brand stronger
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1 audience
search look for your audience and its opinions and insights. It is not necessary to rely on private opinions in decisions. But these opinions are worth checking on a real audience.
2 infofield
don't forget about the infofield. One post on Twitter can seriously change the balance of power in the market.
3 changes
4 communication
do not forget about communication with a live audience and data collection during the subsequent stages and further during the life of the brand. Branding is a process.
everything changes. Right now. The research and analytics stage should not be delayed, as the data may become outdated and lose relevance at the time of development.
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Branding is a complex process consisting of many stages, the composition of which is individual for each situation and each business. When we first meet, we ask a lot of questions and study the situation ourselves in order to offer the necessary and sufficient stack of services, technologies and specialists that are necessary to solve your business problem. In order for us to orient you on the cost of development, you can fill out an electronic brief by the link or call us and we will fill it out with you!
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