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The Export School of the joint stock company «Russian export center» website redesign

About the Export School
The Export School is a platform where business owners can learn to export their products to different countries properly. The platform provides training materials, practical regulations and introduces laws in this sphere.
In 2021 the School has been rebranded. Our aim was to update the visual side of the web-site to match the new meanings of the brand and to improve the user experience.
Special attention
A major part of the target audience are people over the age of 50. For these people are characterized as conservative, the main interactive elements of the site and training materials have not been changed in terms of interaction mechanics. However, the look of these elements has been updated in order to meet the style of re-branding.

We have taken into account this aspect of the web-site and split it into two parts: the external site and the internal site, which have different objectives.
The external site
The objective of the external site is to attract new students and partners and to demonstrate all of the learning information.

The system of small landings is introduced there to tell about the process of studying, their features and organizational questions.
The internal site
The internal site is a user’s personal account. This is a personal classroom with forms to fill in, event calendar and list of the trainers.
Process of work
In terms of redesign we created:

  • design concept
  • a complex design system
  • unusual pages layouts (unusual pages contain functions website would not be capable of working systematically without. Standard pages either contain repeating functions or display static information)
The old website has been a prototype for redesigning the internal site. New wireframes have been created for the external site.
Design system
A complex redesign of every page of the website has not been provided for the project. The main unusual pages, which contain specific functions, have been chosen.

Other pages will be constructed according to the developed design system. It has become the main reference point for the project and provides for every possible situation at the page.
Animations and micro animations are expected when it comes to interactive elements.

Animations design system regulates the interactive elements behavior of the School.

  • A design layout of desktop, tablet and mobile versions for 20 sections of the website have been developed
  • Different functions are reinvented and integrated into in the website
  • Elements for the target audience are kept
  • Design system is invented, so the export School is able to develop the platform under the uniform style

The website is being developed now, so you will be able to see the results soon!